My Vaping Journey

I started smoking as a teenager, because of peer pressure and the have that feeling of belongingness. It started almost as a crutch, but it grew eventually, and I was engulfed by this nasty addiction.

When I started smoking, I can only consume 4 – 5 cigarettes a day by the time I was 25, I can consume 1 pack of cigarette in one day. I knew it was taking a toll on my health especially my lungs. I was imagining all these chemicals that are found on each stick of a cigarette are absorbed in my body.

I felt that I needed my body to rest from all these strain from smoking, but I know to escape from this already in place addiction is not easy task.

Soon, unexpectedly my vaping journey would start. I was visiting my doctor for a routine checkup and ask me if I smoke and I replied yes to his question hesitantly. Then he said straightly to me why not try an e cigarette or a vaporizer.

Then it hit me like the answer that I have been searching for was right there. I was so elated that on the weekend, I went to the only vape shop I know. I did not know what to expect and what to do so I did a quick search and found this helpful site, VF. The site is really great in explaining and elaborating all about vaporizers stuff that I instantly bookmarked it. The site exhibits a really good comparison of vaporizers that it was a great help in buying my first ever vaporizer.

So excited by my purchase, by the way I bought a herbalizer as my first vaporizer just to let you know. I feel in love with it right away and I have been using it for years now.

Premarital Counseling: Education Guidance Through Simulated Career Counseling Paths

With divorce statistics reaching astronomical levels in the United States, many engaged couples are considering premarital counseling as a viable process through an engagement, wedding and into marriage. While not necessarily viewed as an opportunity to become “un” engaged, instead many couples view premarital counseling as a normal, healthy relationship process in which to ensure the marriage remains intact. As a couple, understanding the dynamics of premarital counseling will ensure each person is properly prepared for the issues to be addressed and, in turn, remain open minded and accepting of the outcome in anticipation of the wedding day.

Often equated to an entrepreneurial experience, marriage is much like beginning a new financial venture in one’s life. As a result, preparing for all risks and potential outcomes is crucial to the emotional health of the marriage, just as it is in a business. Through a business plan approach, marriage and relationship counselors are taking premarital counseling to fun and interesting dynamic with role play similar to that of professional and career experiences of management teams and business owners. Speaking of business owners if you are searching mommy makeover surgeon in tulsa you can visit the site by clicking the link.

When setting the path which leads to marriage, many couples opt for pre-marital counseling from a reputable source. While many couples choose a financial advisor, it is certainly not a requirement. The key to a successful premarital counseling period is to research the reputation of the premarital education programs in the area. Just as investigation and research is required when choosing a financial planner, so is the requirement for premarital education counselors. Often, the best approach is through word of mouth. Look to family and friends who have succeeded in marriage. In addition to successfully married friends and family, consider options for premarital counseling through a local religious organization. You and your family can also get professional counseling on this website.

Keys to Success

The key to the success of premarital counseling, as with a new business venture, is to locate and find the partner which most suits your needs and will support the marriage as a risk with potential rewards and benefits. With this understanding, the approach to a successful marriage, as in new business partnerships, is to prepare, prematurely, for periods in which stress is high and emotions are in turmoil. With early preparation, couples planning for marriage can role play the proper responses which leads to an improved communication response in marriage.

As with any therapy or relationship education counseling, both partners must be willing participants in the process. Through love, understanding and a willingness to be open minded, this new business like approach to marriage may lead to a decrease in the number of divorced couples in the near future.