I started smoking as a teenager, because of peer pressure and the have that feeling of belongingness. It started almost as a crutch, but it grew eventually, and I was engulfed by this nasty addiction.

When I started smoking, I can only consume 4 – 5 cigarettes a day by the time I was 25, I can consume 1 pack of cigarette in one day. I knew it was taking a toll on my health especially my lungs. I was imagining all these chemicals that are found on each stick of a cigarette are absorbed in my body.

I felt that I needed my body to rest from all these strain from smoking, but I know to escape from this already in place addiction is not easy task.

Soon, unexpectedly my vaping journey would start. I was visiting my doctor for a routine checkup and ask me if I smoke and I replied yes to his question hesitantly. Then he said straightly to me why not try an e cigarette or a vaporizer.

Then it hit me like the answer that I have been searching for was right there. I was so elated that on the weekend, I went to the only vape shop I know. I did not know what to expect and what to do so I did a quick search and found this helpful site, VF. The site is really great in explaining and elaborating all about vaporizers stuff that I instantly bookmarked it. The site exhibits a really good comparison of vaporizers that it was a great help in buying my first ever vaporizer.

So excited by my purchase, by the way I bought a herbalizer as my first vaporizer just to let you know. I feel in love with it right away and I have been using it for years now.